United States Corporation Formation

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Company Formation- USA

The US has some of the best business climates in the world. Each state operates its own division to handle the registration and maintenance of corporation and other entity types formed within their boundaries. Registration in one state and doing business in another may require you to file separate Articles of Incorporation/Organization in those states, depending on the type of business you do across borders.

The links below will guide you to the state or territory website for information on doing business in that state. Please be aware that states update and change their links at times, and while we do our best to update these periodically, broken links may still occur.

This information is provided strictly for informational purposes. The formation of a corporation carries responsibilities including annual fees, registered agent requirements, and possibly franchise tax or other related taxes and fees. If you are unsure, please seek the help of a reputable company or attorney who specializes in company formation/registrations.