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Bringing Crowdfunding to Microstartup.co™

This year, Micrtostartup.co™ will be launching its own crowdfunding platform. We are opening this platform to small startups raising under $100,000 for their business funding. We are excited at this opportunity, and wanted to share a little bit about what we have planned.


  • Projects for small startups– Geared towards smaller startups, our platform will be perfect for those looking to raise less than $100,000. Of course you can raise more, but this is our target user range.
  • Keep what you raise; or not– If you do not hit your goal, you still keep what you raised, or you can choose all or nothing if that fits your needs better.
  • Low Fees– We are still planning our fee schedule, but we are going to keep it low so more money goes towards your project.


Be sure to check back for the latest updates as we progress with this feature.