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Microstartup.co™ is a small, independently operated division of Azureient Corporation. Initially started back in 2014, the website was a blank slate, which has begun to evolve over time. It was not until we came under Azureient that we began to witness a new beginning and fresh start. Today, we are fully dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small startups hit the ground running. We are continuing to expand our content, adding new features, and growing into a one-stop site for the future of startups.



How We Operate

Our site does not charge users or visitors for any of the free content on here. We are financially supported by our Sponsors, who donate funding to keep our website running, and occasional advertisements. While we do offer paid for services, our revenue is not a driving motivation. As an independent division, we rely solely on what we can generate for income to keep the gears turning. This approach allows us to work under Azureient, but maintain autonomy within our site.

What We Want to Do

We want to grow our website to add new features and services to the startup world. Often times, many websites like ours are full of articles and stories, but they simply do not do enough on their own. Other sites that offer similar services also want to charge membership fees, but we know that having a startup can be not only expensive, but paying for what we offer upfront takes away funding from great ideas. We want to change all of that. More money in your venture’s pocket can be a make or break.

Our Future

Azureient is currently enabling us to build up, on our own, so that we can look at options in the future. We may be a subsidiary, or we may remain a department. Either way, our success is measured by you, the users. Help us out today and become part of the future we have to offer.