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New Ownership

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On September 16, 2017, Microstartup.co™ was acquired by Azureient Corporation. The new ownership change is set to create a new viable division of Azureient as it steps into the the entrepreneurial world. Azureient is building its own brand of services which includes consulting, BPO, and enterprise technology development. With Microstartup.co™ now under new management, we are expecting great things in the coming months as we gear up for a successful 2018 year.


Over the next few months, our website is going to see some enhanced changes that are designed to help startups of all sizes and stages become successful ventures. Here is a glimpse of what to expect as we move forward:

  • Enhanced website experience
  • More resources available both at cost and free of charge
  • Consulting services linked through the website by Azureient
  • Expansion of our crowdfunding and networking platforms

We are exciting about these great changes and more to come. At Microstartup.co™, we are really proud to be part of the Azureient family and hope you will join us as we grow. All great ideas start with one vision; it could be you.

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