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Microstartup.co™ is a division of Kohala Enterprises Ltd dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs with a bank of resources that make any venture successful.

Founded in 2016, Microstartup.co™ is evolving into the future of early stage ventures and helping change the startup landscape acros the globe.

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New Ownership

On September 16, 2017, Microstartup.co™ was acquired by Azureient Corporation. The new ownership change is set to create a new viable division of Azureient as it steps into the the entrepreneurial world. Azureient is building its own brand of services which includes consulting, BPO, and enterprise technology development. With Microstartup.co™…

Site Update March 2016

We want to apologize for the delay in getting our site back up. We appear to have not been able to contact our previous hosting provider to resolve an account issue. We have since changed to a new hosting service, but our content did not come over. Instead of taking this…

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